Dogs at Clare Park    

Clare Park is a perfect destination for you if you enjoy holidaying with your dog.  With direct access to the estuary beach and a wide range of countryside walks on the doorstep, you and your four legged friend will be spoilt for choice.  The house is set in over and acre of wooded and lawned grounds which are securely fenced for all but the tiniest of dogs.  Water loving dogs are particularly well provided for, as when the tide is in they can swim from the gates at the bottom of the garden - as can their owners should they wish to join in! 

There are a few rules here at Clare Park when bringing your trusted friend on holiday. 

  • A maximum of two dogs can accompany their owners when staying at Clare Park.  The price per dog is £35.00.  
  • The area surrounding Clare Park is ideal for dogs as there are plenty of walks on traffic free paths where dogs can be safely off lead. There is an OS map on the bookshelves which shows the paths but please ask if you need any guidance.  We are dog owners and know the paths around here very well.  
  • Dogs are allowed on the majority of the beaches in Shaldon and Teignmouth but not between May 1st and September 30th.  Exceptions to this are the River Beach (Back Beach) in Teignmouth and the entire estuary beach (when the tide is out) as far as Shaldon. 
  • The river at high tide is an ideal place to wash off muddy dogs.  But be aware that as soon as the tide goes out it is not an ideal place for dogs as they will become much muddier!  
  • Dogs must be clean before entering the house as the pale carpets are unforgiving to dirty pawprints.   
  • There is a hosepipe in the garage which is a good place to wash off dirty paws prior to bringing the dogs into the house.  If the large garage door is opened, all washing can be done over the drain in the drive.     
  • A supply of old carrier bags and a trowel is available on a shelf in the garage to assist in clearing up after dogs in the garden.  All dog faeces must be picked up and placed in tied up bags into the large black dustbin (landfill).  
  • Please ensure that dogs are clean and dry before entering the house and they are not permitted to go on the furniture nor enter the bedrooms.  
  • Please do not leave dogs unattended in the house unless they are in secure dog crates.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions 

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